Lenitive and Protective Emulsion
1.7 fl. OZ Airless Bottle


Sensitive emulsion, against the signs of dehydration and aging, protecting and nourishing thoroughly the skin. Suitable for all skin types, male and female, children, especially the most sensitive and delicate.

through a synergic formulation of substances restructuring, moisturizing and protective properties, such as coenzyme Q10, vegetable oils containing vitamin E, vitamin A, panthenol and fluorinated oils, gives the skin an immediate moisturizing and soothing effect.

fluid day cream, excellent texture, pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the easy of absorption, in a short time makes the skin significantly more relaxed and nourished. It's also indicated to soothe skin reactions to external agents, irritants and redness caused by treatments such as peeling skin cosmetics or the use of machinery such as lasers. Dermatologically tested cosmetic product.

Apply to face and neck after daily cleansing, or as post-treatment cream in the morning and, if necessary, several times a day, massaging delicately.

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