Shani. A word in Swahili that means wonder, astonishment; is a collection of methods and innovative cosmetics products to prevent and delay the biological processes of skin aging. This name mirrors the dedication and passion of a professional who in order to make a difference, creates solutions that do not aim at purely aesthetic results, but that can effectively contribute to a person’s well-being.

Ethics of Aesthetics

SHANI represents the happy encounter between state of the art scientific research and an exclusively natural product, containing no artifact component. The blend of the simplicity of the materials employed and the modernity of the technology used is a distinctive feature of SHANI , which therefore is in debt with nature for the art of preserving the true beauty of skin and with science for the ability in distilling nature’s secrets. The extraordinary synergy of the active principles, their soothing, moisturizing restructuring, revitalizing, firming, exfoliating, bleaching action together with your professional treatments give the skin its natural balance. Shani’s regenerating formulas are suited for all ages. They preserve in time the natural beauty of young skins, and deeply renew mature skins contrasting the signs of time. The novelty of Shani is to offer a real regeneration of the skin, through products that stimulate and accelerate the spontaneous process of cell renewal: the result of all this is a natural facelifting without surgery. Shani’s products satisfy the three fundamental requirements for preserving and regenerating skin wellbeing. They stimulate cell synthesis and cell renovation, they nourish and protect skin and prevent it aging.

Edda de Carli

 passion and research

The devisor and developer of the project is Edda de Carli, who, for years, devoted her time and effort to study, improve and to create a path that sees beauty as the result of a balance and an inner well-being, which is reflected in exterior appearance. The passion for research has always been and still is the driving reason for Edda de Carli. Every SHANI product is the result of an intuition; her philosophy is to develop in depth scientifical studies and testing to confirm her intuitions. In over 20 years of studies and research, Edda De Carli, cooperating with several academics, chose the best formulas to obtain high quality products, designed to achieve a natural and long lasting effect. The real strength is being able to go beyond the simple esthetic result, offering an effective solution and extraordinary “Anti Age” effect, in full regard for health and without forcing nature. Constant updating with experts in Esthetic and Anti-age Medicine at national and international meetings has allowed her to develop extremely innovative products with a highly advanced technology maintaining respect for nature. Edda De Carli, has filed national and international dermocosmetic patents and, in April 2011, she was awarded in Geneva with the bronze medal by the World Intellectual Protection Organization.

The research:

In all these years, the studies of the project SHANI, were studied in the field of dermocosmetic university, dermofarmacologic patent, as well as in the food industry in relation to diseases and aesthetics. The “Shani” dermatocosmetic and cosmetic products are the result of research, studies, trials and testing, carried out in advanced technology Italian research and production laboratories, by highly qualified professionals in the field of cosmetic research, and working in close cooperation with university structures. Our laboratory rooms, ISO certified, where all our cosmetic and dermatocosmetic products are created, are equipped with pharmaceutical “clean room” technology, that is semi-sterile rooms also designed for the production of medical devices. All our products are prepared with ingredients of NON-ANIMAL origin, mainly of vegetable origin avoiding as much as possible synthetic substances and preservatives; ARE NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and DO NOT CONTAIN PARABENES OR EDTA.


AIn order to safeguard and improve skin health and appearance, we try to supply the most science and research have to offer, both as regards raw materials and the quality of the active principles and their proven effectiveness. To guarantee all this means to respect and care for people and their health through:

  1. Guaranteeing the effectiveness of a product through studies and clinical and dermatological trials;
  2. Finding, researching, developing products with natural elements that through technological innovation can offer the best today’s research in the field of dermatocosmesis;
  3. Supplying innovative, effective, natural , non toxic cosmetics through a technologically advanced system of research and production, developing sustainable production processes;
  4. For each stage of production of the cosmetic, samples are taken and submitted to analytical, chemical-physical and microbiological tests having an expiry date;
  5. All cosmetics and dermatocosmetics are submitted to usage testing, patch tests and tests on repeated applications also in cooperation with university structures and specialized laboratories;
  6. A complete file is prepared for each cosmetic product following national and European regulations;
  7. Guaranteeing products from the development phase to the end user;

The SHANI products are produced in Italy in laboratories with ISO 9001 certification (concerning research, development and production) following the specific ISO 22.716 good production regulations for cosmetics.



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