Tetra Active

restructuring cream all types of skins
50 ml


tetra active is a cream with multiple action. Thanks to the perfect balance of its components, is a nourishing, moisturizing, protective, restructuring and anti-radicals cream.

prevents and reduces wrinkles through the combined action of the Q-10 coenzyme (ubiquinone), one of the most important protection factors, non animal hyaluronic acid, retinol, extremely important in wrinkle prevention, vitamin E that has an anti-oxidizing function, and cholesterol that reduces flaking of the cells of the horny layer of the skin.

a product that has been formulated and scientifically created to be suitable for all types of skin. The synergy of the active principles, gives tetra active the ability to stimulate the cellular synthesis with a marked anti radical effect, facilitating the stretching of the micro-wrinkles. Dermatologically tested cosmetic product. USAGE: after cleansing apply the cream on face and neck, massage delicately to help absorption.

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