Anti-age for sensitive skins
50 ml


PURE has been studied and developed for all sensitive skins and for skins intolerant to cosmetic products or perfumes; it has a moisturizing, soothing, nourishing and anti- aging effect.

composition – properties:
this cream contains a particular emulsifying agent that, unlike other similar products, is of natural origin and consists in a balanced association of sugars and vegetable fats, that make it effective also on intolerant and delicate skins. The vitamin E protects cell membranes from skin aging and the gamma-linoleic acid ( vitamin F) helps contrast dryness and chapping.

PURE has no added perfume, has a moisturizing, anti-age, protective, nourishing effect and contains high quantities of vitamin E. Dermatologically tested cosmetic product.

apply the cream, after cleansing, in the morning or during the day when dryness of the skin is felt on the face and neck, and massage gently.


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