moisturizing protective cream
all types of skins
also allergic skins
75 ml


OMNIA is a cream purposely developed to moisturize and give skin a particularly effective protection against all external agents ( pollution, smoke, cold , air, acids, etc.). It prevents reddening and chapping.

in addition to an extremely high percentage of active agents, OMNIA also contains a particular oil that creates a protective film on the skin without obstructing pores. When this cream is applied, the skin looks visibly moisturized and protected, with a barrier effect.

suitable for all sensitive, intolerant skins and for skins reactive to irritating agents or surface-active agents. It can be used also on irritated skin in children and the elderly. Dermatologically tested cosmetic product.

apply on face and neck as a day moisturizing cream. In the case of dry, chapped or irritated skin apply several times during the day on the areas to be treated (face, body, hands, lips). Apply before contact with irritating agents if used as a barrier cream.

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