New Face

regenerating cream for aged skins
50 ml


The NEW FACE emulsion was purposely developed to renew skin and fight aging, thus giving a fresh and luminous appearance.

composition – properties:
through the perfect balance of retinol, vitamin E, gluconolactone and Macadamia oil, NEW FACE has a light exfoliating and regenerating action. Suitable for all types of skin, it helps prevent wrinkle formation and skin discolouring caused by photo-aging. Dermatologically tested product.

in the evening, after cleansing apply the product on face and neck and massage gently until complete absorption.

only for external use, avoid contact with eyes and mucosae, do not apply on children. If redness appears, rinse well with cold water for a few minutes before applying a moisturizing cream, stop treatment and wait for redness to disappear before starting again. Do not expose skin to the sun while using the cream.

Dermatologically tested product.

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