Deter Lux

Facial cleansing creal for all types of skins
75 ml


DETER LUX is an innovative detergent, the result of extensive research, which ensures efficient cleaning and suitable for all skin types.

contains natural cleansing agents with the addition of softening substances. Contains no preservatives or substances of animal origin.

cosmetic product prepared and tested under dermatological control. Suitable also for people who are intolerant to soaps and/or aggressive surface-active agents. Cleanses uniformly and deeply all types of skin, without modifying the biological balance, leaving the skin visibly clean and moisturized. Ideal for facial and neck cleansing and for removing make-up. Dermatologically tested cosmetic product.

apply the product directly to the skin or use a sponge, massage for 1 or 2 minutes with damp hands, then rinse thoroughly with water.


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