Body Silk

Body milk with Fruit Acidsa
200 ml


This is a fluid emulsion for body, suitable to make skin smooth and more luminous and moist, stimulating cell replacement thanks to the action of fruit acids. It gives skin an extraordinary silky effect even after only a few applications.

composition - properties:
Body Silk contains hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid, mandelic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, that have a gradual and light peeling effect on the skin, stimulating cell replacement. The presence of softening agents, such as vegetable oils, and protective agents, such as vitamin E, reduces the slight redness produced by fruit acids and this makes the product unique for the treatment of dryness, for body skin relaxation and for cell renewal. Dermatologically tested cosmetic product.

apply all over body after cleansing, massage lightly until complete absorption.

product for external use on the body. Avoid sun exposure during treatment, avoid contact with eyes, mucosae and inflamed, reddened or particularly sensitive skin. Not suitable for children. In case of burning sensation or reddening rinse well with water and apply a moisturizing cream, such as OMNIA or IDRA CORPO.



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